What disturbs the dust of my long slumber?

..a stranger comes rolling through the mist.


The prodigal son returns!!


Hi guys, sorry for the prolonged absence. By way of explanation, some of you may have guessed from my screen name that I am a student paramedic, well until about 5 weeks or so ago I hadn’t actually started my training for reals (I had a place on the course and was waiting for it to start) and since I started in earnest I have had practically no time for anything else.

unfortunately this means little to no progress on the guard but be reassured, I am still here and am cracking on with stuff when I have a moment to myself (I have a new addition or two but they shall remain secret for the time being)

Thanks for staying with me! 🙂


++Repent, for tomorrow you die!++


What’s coming up?

Hi folks,
Battle report on it’s way soon, I’d write it tonight but it would be rushed so better to wait, stay tuned.

In other news, I am SO tempted to greenstuff a mini based on this;


If I’m ever stuck for something to sculpt…

++ Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst ++

Imperial guard SpecOps

I’ve nearly finished my kill team an have about two hours to go until the first league match kicks off, they still have work to be done and obviously need painting, but since I have been so neglectful of you all this last week I thought you deserved a special preview, so I present to you:

Navy TOAD (Tactical Offensive Amphibious Demolitions) team 3


And a few close ups of some of my favourites:




This guy right here is probably my favourite of the bunch
This last one is just to show the folding stock lascarbine with underslung grenade launcher

So there we are, never had to sculpt to a deadline before and I’m pretty pleased I managed to get the whole squad near completion in a week, there are a few bits to finish and tidy up, but the basics are all there.

I’d love some feedback on these guys so let me know what you think!

++Pain is temporary, Honour is forever++

Never tell a Brettonian general how hard painting ‘a’ horse is

This post is specifically for Cappuccinogaming who in a recent post lamented the difficulty of painting a horse. Well, this is my reply;

How do you think I feel? 😛


[I realise this isn’t guard related, but I couldn’t resist. And if you look hard, there are some guard in the background ;)]

++ For The Lady!! ++

You are not forsaken!

I’ve had a fair influx of visitors to the site recently and I’d like to say thank you for reading, especially if you’ve come back for seconds! I’m working frantically to finish my kill team and am approaching halfway with 4 1/2 days remaining, unfortunately real life keeps interfering. This means I’ve not had much time for blogging but fear not! I have some stuff planned for the near future which I’m pretty excited about showing you all..

++ Never retreat, Never surrender ++

Updates, Kill team concept

I have a quick modelling update for you guys but I need to point out first that my guard are taking a mini-break. I’ve ended up involved in a 40k kill-team event starting in a week or so and since I never make anything easy on myself..I have decided to create a dedicated kill team force, all with significant conversions. I have completed a pair of concept models which I will let speak for themselves..




So what do you all think? The idea is a Naval recon force composed of Imperial Guard/Imperial Navy veterans..I’m particularly pleased with the carbine weapons.

The other thing I have for you today is an update on my Officer of the Fleet. I really enjoyed the sculpt on this model and couldn’t resist doing some of the paint work, and I’m pretty proud of the result if I’m honest, here he is;


That’s it! As always, I’ love to hear what you think..

++As I know my Emperor, I know that He is watching++

Greenstuff, the basics: 2 (Blanket roll)

Making a blanket roll

Hi all, this is the first of the simple items which you can make to individualise your army..this works with practically any army, can be made to any size to go with infantry or vehicles and is simple as a sculpt can be!

Sorry about the blurry pictures, iPhone cameras aren’t great at macro pictures..

So to start with you need to mix an appropriate amount of putty for the size of bed roll you want to make, roll it in to a sausage shape:


Using your hobby knife, squash the ends of the sausage flat to make a cylinder:

Here is where we start to create the bedroll, using your knife again press a line across the bedroll. It is quite useful here to press in firmly to create a flap which can be pressed down later, this creates a better effect:


Now using the line you just made as a guide, press a ‘C’ shape in to the ends of the cylinder:


Now smarten up the ‘C’ shape, extend and curl it round to form the shape of a blanket roll end:


At this stage, you can call the blanket roll completed, but I prefer to add straps. Using your knife again, press two lines all the around the roll at an appropriate width for a strap. The original line you made can form the buckle:


And that is it, when you have finished the straps, you can stick the sculpt to your model or leave it to cure first. I prefer to attach it straight away so I can remove fingerprints and straighten everything out:


To remove finger prints, use a wet tool or finger and gently rub the surface with the fingerprints to remove them. Throughout the sculpt remember to wet the surface you are using and your fingers and tools whenever you begin to stick to things.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if anyone has a go, I’d love to see the results..

++Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn salvation++