What disturbs the dust of my long slumber?

..a stranger comes rolling through the mist.


The prodigal son returns!!


Hi guys, sorry for the prolonged absence. By way of explanation, some of you may have guessed from my screen name that I am a student paramedic, well until about 5 weeks or so ago I hadn’t actually started my training for reals (I had a place on the course and was waiting for it to start) and since I started in earnest I have had practically no time for anything else.

unfortunately this means little to no progress on the guard but be reassured, I am still here and am cracking on with stuff when I have a moment to myself (I have a new addition or two but they shall remain secret for the time being)

Thanks for staying with me! 🙂


++Repent, for tomorrow you die!++


About paramedstudent

I am an old enough to know better wargamer who is a student paramedic on the side. View all posts by paramedstudent

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